Friday, April 02, 2010

Statistics back Manuel Pellegrini's work

Despite the massive criticism to his work, the Chilean coach has record numbers. Statistics say that Pellegrini is the best coach since the first period of Florentino Perez, both in the domestic league and Europe as well.

"Critics don't bother me. Our numbers prove that our project and our work are valid" Manuel Pellegrini respond criticism with objective reasons.

Indeed, statistics are stunning: with 74 points when there are only 9 games left, he has done better than Del Bosque (62 points in 2000/2001), Queiroz (61)and Capello (54) to name a few.

Goals are another prove of their good job: Madrid has scored 81 so far (2.79 average) and is the top scorer team in Spain.

With the last triumh over Athletic, Real Madrid has 11 consecutive wins - a record that was only achieved in the 62/63 season.