Wednesday, January 10, 2007

David Beckham to leave Real Madrid

Talented midfielder David Beckham will not be offered a new contract with Real Madrid and will leave the Spanish team, media reported on Wednesday.

"I can say that Beckham will leave us. We will not renew his contract," the club's sporting director and former Madrid striker Predrag Mijatovic was quoted as saying.

However, not all the information says the same thing about the British player. There are some version that still give a hope in the relationship between Becks and Madrid.

Indeed, Gaspar Rosety told a news agency: "Predrag Mijatovic has not spoken to Sky Italia and has made no such comments about Beckham's contract."

We must consider that Real Madrid have been offering the 31-year-old midfielder a two-year extension to his current deal, which ends in June, but said they wanted David Beckham to make a quick decision on his future so they can plan for next season.

It's important to mention that Beckham has been free to talk to other clubs with teams in England, Italy and the United States interested in signing the English footballer.