Sunday, December 31, 2006

Beckham might choose among 15 new clubs

It's not really a surprise that 15 clubs have already been in contact with David Beckham's agent despite the British midfielder's claim he won't be leaving Real Madrid when his contract finishes this January.

In fact, we have heard that Real Madrid will accept a From low fee for the English superstar as soon as the transfer window opens tomorrow.

What's more, the club's president Ramon Calderon last night said: "After the conversations we have had in the last months, Beckham already has our offer for a new contract on the table. Now he msut make up his mind.

"I admit that all of us would like to see him continue at our club and extend his contract."

Indeed, we know that Beckham has been offered a two-year deal on his current terms — but that means his image rights would remain at 50 per cent, according to the paper. But if he opts to leave Madrid, he could sign the biggest signing-on fee in football history — as much as £10m — at his new team.

The popular footballer has been favored to land in the USA, where he already has interests in the Los Angeles Major League Soccer club, The Galaxy.

As we know, the jersey NÂș23 is kicking off the new year in Japan where he will participate in three separate events to promote a cellular phones he endorses. Good for him and his wallet.