Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Gago is not going to Real Madrid

Everybody in Real Madrid is calm. They are not worried that Argentine player Fernando Gago is not coming to Madrid anymore.

As we know, Boca Juniors president, Macri, flew back to Buenos Aries without a deal after 72 hours of heavy negotiations with Real directors, including Pedja Mijatovic and Franco Baldini.

"In fact, the operation was not closed," said Macri at Madrid airport. "It was the most difficult negotiations I have seen. Madrid surprised me with their stubbornness. I read before coming here that the fee wouldn't be a problem for them - but it was."

A high-ranking Real official, meanwhile, told a newspaper today: "We are not going to be in a hurry since the term to sign Gago doesn't end until the 31st of January. Macri has had the bad luck of losing the championship and knows the player must leave. But Madrid is not going to pay more than what he is worth."

We must consider that Real won't go higher than £12 million for Gago, while Macri is now demanding £16 million - having been talked down from an original £20 million.